Compass Education is a cloud-based school management system designed to streamline school processes and reduce administrative burden so that staff can focus on what matters most: supporting student outcomes.

With a comprehensive suite of over 30 features across six core modules, Compass offers a one-stop shop solution that connects every facet of your school community from one place.

From payments and communications to student wellbeing and reporting, Compass provides schools with the tools they need to achieve their goals and respective versions of success.

Compass sets itself apart from others with a dedication towards continuous improvement and a fantastic support offering.


woods furniture

At Woods our number one priority is people. Whether it be our staff, customers, the children that sit on our furniture, suppliers, or the wider community. Manufacturing school furniture requirements since 1953, we specialise in creating more flexible and stimulating learning environments that enable your students to reach their full potential.

By ordering from Woods, in addition to getting quality Australian made furniture with a 10-year warranty, you will be supporting local jobs and Australian manufacturing


We care about the food that we eat, and the water that we drink, but what about the air that we breathe? No matter where you go, air is an essential part of your life.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is an increasingly prevalent concern in a world faced with rising levels of pollution, temperatures, and climate change. At Panasonic, we’re committed to delivering more than just cooling & heating solutions, we consistently strive to help you make positive choices, bringing you Quality Air, For Life.

Simons Schools
Teeth On Wheels

Teeth On Wheels provides an oral health program, with on-site dental service, to schools and childcare facilities within the greater VIC area.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality dental treatment while making it fun, positive and memorable. Our vehicles are fitted out with state-of-the-art dental equipment and include entertainment systems with classic movies and music, providing a stress-free and relaxing atmosphere for our patients.

Our aim at Teeth On Wheels is to change the experience of visiting the dentist – we want to reduce fear and anxiety, minimize pain and encourage life-long oral health care for all of our patients

 Why Choose Us?

  1. Only Mobile Dental Clinic in Australia to gain Accreditation
  2. Excellent Customer Services
  3. Child friendly and calming environment  

A better way to create your class lists - your way
Class Solver helps schools create their best class lists in a fraction of the time.

Save countless hours organizing class lists.
Reinvest time back into teaching and development.
Be truly confident that you have done everything possible to meet the individual needs of your students and teachers.

school photographer

A For Assets

A for Assets provide an asset stocktake service for schools for their annual stocktake. We are a growing company with a history of doing stocktakes in schools dating back to 1997. We obtain nearly all our work via recommendation from other schools, and travel to schools anywhere in the state of Victoria servicing many hundreds of schools.

We provide friendly staff to perform the physical stocktake which includes barcoding your assets for you across the entire school – and that is just the beginning. Your system is then updated accordingly to reflect the state of the assets in your school.

To achieve this, A for Assets performs a comprehensive reconciliation process that establishes both lists of assets that were found but are not on your assets register, as well as assets no longer in the school but still on your assets register.

We regularly liaise with relevant organisations such as CCI insurance to ensure that your assets register is useful not only for accounting and tracking of assets, but also for insurance claims.


ABC Music Group has been teaching over 8000 primary school students throughout Melbourne Metropolitan area since 2006. We really do make music in schools as simple as ABC. We bring the magic of music to very popular Instrumental Programs for Primary Schools - and best of all - there’s no financial outlay from the schools.

We believe in music education and that music can transform a child’s life. Our teachers aim to create a learning environment that it is joyous and engaging.

Advanced Life Photography

advancedlife has been the innovator in school photography, print and design for more than 37 years.

advancedlife is making everything as easy as 1, 2 3

1. First, we developed advancedorder – a secure online ordering site for families
2. Next came advancedyou – a secure image archive unique to each child that holds every image we have taken of that child (portraits and groups) and enables families to place orders online that are delivered to their homes
3. Then, advancedaccess – a secure online service that’s hosted and provided free by advancedlife to all our customers. advancedaccess ensures that you can download high-resolution student, group and promotional images, with data, for use in your school administration system within 3-5 days of photography.

…and now 4!

 4. create & printadvancedaccess now includes another free online service, create & print, which enables your team to easily access your archive of images and data to instantly create and customise lists, labels, stickers, awards, occasion cards, student medical directories and so much more. Just choose a design and print your customised artwork instantly on your desktop printer….and it’s free.

 Want to know more about how we are making school photography easy? Let’s talk!

PH: 1300 728 972

adventure plus

At adventure+, we take play seriously. For over 35 years adventure+ has developed creative and engaging playground experiences for schools all around Australia. We are well known for our serious approach to play, customised playground design, quality Australia made equipment and impressive service.


Our primary purpose is to maximise purchasing effectiveness for schools and school canteens to operate successfully.

ASCA's secondary purpose is to direct funds to charities which support the education and welfare of vulnerable school aged children. Over the last 40 years, ASCA has contributed almost $3 million.


BFX is really looking forward to being a part of the VACPSP. We trust you are excited to get some time away & have some social face to face interaction with your colleague’s & the sponsors who support you.

BFX Furniture is a proudly Australian owned company and is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of furniture for the Education sector.

Our services are backed by over 30 years of extensive industry experience. At BFX Furniture we are dedicated to designing modern learning spaces that will bring your school into the 21st century.

We have over 50 consultants & over 120 distribution staff dedicated to delivering only the very best quality products and service. We leave a lasting impression and build relationships that last. You can expect on-going support for years to come. That is what makes us one of the best furniture suppliers manufacturing locally.

We Offer a FREE On-site Consultation that Includes: Measure & Quote, 2D or 3D floor plan & Expert advice


Catholic Superannuation

Centorrino Technologies (CT), works with over 50 primary and secondary schools to deliver customised education specific IT infrastructure services and projects (networks, switches, routers, servers and cloud), device procurement, and cyber security solutions.

Employing many ex-Teaching professionals, CT boasts an Academy department exclusively dedicated to helping schools with optimising and customising Synergetic, delivering online training modules (IT and school specific) and continually developing the Bloum Analytics platform to unlock rich student achievement and wellness data hiding within your management systems.

We deliver unparalleled customer service to our clients winning nine consecutive Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA) awards from 2013 to 2021.

As a company centred around people, we sponsor over 20 annual student academic achievement awards and are strong supporters of the BullyZero foundation. CT supports students from underprivileged families through technology and financial scholarships to ensure that their learning is not disadvantaged as a result of their socio-economic background.

Corporate Sign Industries


Have you ever wondered what other people think about your school? What is the impression they get as they drive by? If your school signs are attractive and inviting, they’ll already have a preference toward your school over one that has hard-to-read, or worn out signage.

First impressions count! You might have amazing programs, the highest ATAR scores in the area or a fantastic student to teacher to ratio but, if your signage doesn't reflect your school image in the best light, prospective parents and students will likely be put-off simply by what they can see.

Do you have a space in your school that looks a bit dull and boring? Let our CSI team transform it. Signage can help create a warm and welcoming place where students, teachers, and parents feel comfortable.


Corporate Sign Industries (CSI) has over 35 years’ experience creating innovative sign solutions for Australian schools and businesses. We are a third-generation, family owned company, and we pride ourselves on our integrity, commitment and service. Our focus is quality and cost-effective signage solutions that will stand the test of time. With in-house designs, an on-site service team Australia-wide, and our comprehensive seven-year warranty, we’re committed to providing our clients with both great design solutions and all the support they need along the way.

Visit or contact us on 1300 762 764 today and let our CSI signage experts show you how signage can boost your school's image.


About Operoo (formerly CareMonkey)

Operoo is a School Operations Platform used to automate processes and digitally manage workflows.

Operoo is helping thousands of schools and other organisations around the world to eliminate slow, expensive and repetitive paper-based tasks. Operoo empowers schools to save time and resources by automating operational workflows, increasing staff productivity, parental engagement and student participation.

Streamline and digitise any school process, drastically reducing the associated costs: From permission forms, payments, and school trips; to medical information and emergency contacts, incident reporting, staff agreements, student onboarding and more. And, effectively communicate with staff, parents and your whole school community in over 100 languages with Operoo’s multi-language capability.

With Operoo, ensure every dollar and every minute possible is focused on students, rather than wasting resources on operational inefficiencies.

For more information, visit


EduTrain Australia (ETA) is a small privately owned Registered Training Organisation that has been in operation since 2002.

ETA specialises in the delivery of the Certificate IV in School Based Education Support Qualification to Learning Support Officers (LSO’s) who are currently employed in schools. Our students are experienced LSO’s currently working in schools in the role of support to teachers for children with a range of learning needs. This course is an opportunity for them to consolidate these skills and knowledge and maintain their employability by obtaining a qualification recognised nationally throughout Australia.

Our delivery is tailored to meet the needs of our clients and the industry they work in. Our clients benefit from the way our course is delivered by having the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded LSO’s from neighbouring schools, sharing ideas, problem solving and learning from each other.  The employers support the students through their training by providing them with the time and resources to work through the course, valuing that the professional development opportunity contributes to the continuous improvement plan of the school and improving learning outcomes for children.


Elizabeth Richards is an Australian owned business. We have been in operation since 1986. Our mission is to help educators create beautiful learning spaces and to deliver the very best in storage solutions, furniture and resources for schools, teachers, and their classrooms. From book boxes to art dryers, furniture to inclusive resources, as well as maths and language we aspire to have everything you need to create an effective and beautiful learning environment.

Many of our plastic products are now manufactured here in Australia!

Visit our website at or contact our office 1300 137 064.


Essential Assessment is a quick and easy 3-step program for assessing C-10A students to pinpoint and build on the gaps in their learning:

Step 1: Pre-assessment: our online assessment platform helps teachers pre-assess their students within a strand, sub-strand, and topic of the Victorian Maths and English Curriculum from C-10A. Student assessment is marked instantly. Teacher planning views provide an achievement level and an analysis of the content descriptions that a student has understood and misunderstood.

Step 2: Teaching and Learning: easy to interpret planning data will guide classroom teachers in real-time to:
Identify gaps in knowledge and skills that require further development for an individual student or a whole class.
Target priority learning areas to build on learning lost during remote settings by focusing on the individual, whole class, or targeted group instruction.

Step 3: Post-assessment: post-assessment measures the growth and achievement of each student. Evidence of learning is continuous and collected in real-time to provide detailed student, class, and whole school reports for:

Victorian Curriculum achievement level

The overall achieved growth in alignment with the Victorian Curriculum C-10A

Grade and year level approximation

Numeracy and Literacy progressions


Footsteps have been specializing in face to face and online curriculum/age-based movement programs for Kindergarten to Year 12 students for 28 years. Your students will be engaged, laugh, smile and be challenged with our dance and drama programs. Quality outcomes, including discos, formals, parent presentations and school concerts, allow students to display and share their Footsteps experience.

Let a talented Footsteps instructor deliver a dance/drama program and turn your students into active, creative risk-takers! ............. a moving student is a learning student.


We’ve been celebrating the wonder of learning for over 60 years. Furnware works hand in hand with schools around the world, designing and creating furniture so children can thrive in the most inspiring learning spaces imaginable. We do this with quality, reliability, innovation and genuine care.

grass sports

Grassports Australia connects active people by providing healthy, colourful and fun environments for active kids, families, sports people, and performance athletes. You can trust 45+ years’ experience.

We provide Australian Made synthetic grass and hardcourt surfaces for sports fields, tennis courts, multipurpose learning and play spaces, all customised to your needs.



Our House Spirit provides schools with innovative, contextual student leadership opportunities. Using Our House Spirit's modernised House system, students learn to build a House community that is truly inclusive, respectful and jam packed with FUN!

With over 10 years experience in delivering student leadership programs, Our House Spirit has inspired, educated and engaged thousands of students to positively contribute to their school. The Our House Spirit programs are ideal for schools wishing to invest in student wellbeing and the reforming of vital connections as they return to school in 2022!


KABOOM KID SPORTS is a unique tabloid sports experience that caters for every single primary school student. Our activities have been designed to ensure NOBODY EVER STANDS STILL from start to finish.

We pride ourselves on delivering programs that provide leadership opportunities for senior students, plus a big focus on wellbeing and getting along.

We continually strive to make our events extremely teacher friendly and most importantly create a memory of a student’s primary school life they will never forget.


Little Learners Love Literacy

Teaching ALL children to read, write and spell with confidence.

 Little Learners Love Literacy® is an explicit and sequential literacy program for teaching children to read, write and spell with confidence.

 Evidence-based literacy research stresses the importance of explicit and sequential literacy teaching from the beginning. Our goal is to have this happening in every Foundation classroom from day 1, giving children the best possible chance of being fluent readers, writers and spellers.

Little Learners Love Literacy® is multi-sensory and engaging program with focussed explicit lessons, games, crafts, music, puppets, drawing and much more. Our Seven Stages sequence ensures that children are never asked to read something that is too difficult for them or that they have not been taught the skills to read yet.

Decodable Books are our ‘secret ingredient’ for success. Only using the sounds and letters children have been explicitly taught allowing them to apply their learning and build confidence. These are Australian books children LOVE to read with words they CAN read.

Our team is always happy to help – we love to talk! We want to support teachers, leaders, speeches and parents with improving children’s reading and writing. Please get in touch with the team any time:


Matific is a leading global EdTech provider with head office in Australia, delivering an adaptive online learning platform for primary school mathematics. With our product being utilised by millions of students, teachers and parents in 50+ countries and 60+ languages we are helping educate the youth and bring equality to education globally. Our AI platform Matific guides students through the curriculum at their pace and level and adjusts and differentiates as needed. A "pre-test" sets the level to begin their journey. Another fantastic feature is Matific play which allows teachers to assign an activity for students to compete or just complete as a class in a "kahoot" style game. Matific is an award winning teaching and learning tool which develops in every child a sense of capability, which together with their natural curiosity and playfulness will result in a no-problem-is-too-hard-for-me attitude. We’ve been recognised by a number of awards including numerous CODiEs, Academics’ Choice and Edtech Digest to name a few. Please contact us at for more information or to start a free no obligation trial.

OSH Club

OSHClub is independently rated as the best Outside School Hours Care provider across Australia with a 94% of our services Meeting or Exceeding the National Quality Standards.

We provide high quality, child-focused programs built from the ground up ensuring our programs are designed specifically to the interests, age and skill level of every child. Children experience an enriching and engaging place to belong and every program is tailored to meet the needs of your unique school community.

Providing quality programs to Australian children for over 14 years, we have built strong, long-lasting partnerships with over 140 school partnerships.

Most recently we have recognised the difficulties that COVID-19 has had on individuals and school communities and we have responded by ensuring support for all families. During this time 100% of our services have stayed open and double-staffed regardless of attendance numbers, and our close relationship with every school means we have been able to help individual families access free care and other support when they most need it.

“We are a people business. If we ensure that everything we do - every innovation, every process change, every new activity - supports our educators to be more engaged, then we will be the best that we can be.” - Sinead Ryan, Non-Executive Director, OSHClub.

For a confidential chat about how OSHClub can partner with your school, call John Oxlade on 0418 490 285, or email

Polygon Music


Print Design is able to provide branding support to your school to help you tell your story in a powerful way, and stand out in an often crowded market. This support can be as small as creating consistent promotional material, or as big as a full rebrand of the school.

PH: 1800 720 100

Safe Play

smart records

At Smartgroup, we partner with Australian employers to simplify salary packaging. More than 360,000 customers nationwide trust Smartgroup to manage their salary packaging arrangements, from salary packaging cars to everyday living expenses. We understand the unique income tax environment of educational institutions and have developed specific expertise working in the catholic education sector.


Speech Pathology for Schools provides holistic school based speech pathology support. We work collaboratively with schools to improve student outcomes.  School data along with speech pathology data is used to target support and monitor progress. Speech Pathology for Schools works with each school to tailor a program to meet specific needs.


We are an Australian owned information technology organization specializing in schools, Public and Catholic. We are here to be a strategic solutions partner that helps to implement the most optimal infrastructure for your school with an end-to-end solution. We aim to provide the most efficient network design allowing for more innovative technology and cost certainty on a strategy that adapts with your school as it changes, in turn allowing more flexibility to align school and IT goals.

By having a single contact point for your telecommunication and IT solution, you will receive effective, quick and courteous responses without the problems of coordinating matters between different organizations.

their care

TheirCare is Australia's most popular Before & After Care School Provider. With a strong focus on safety, staff retention and quality services, TheirCare has made a strong mark in the sector and continues to grow with support of school communities and school leaders.

Headed by a team that have over 30 years experience in the OSHC Sector, TheirCare was Nominated in early 2017 as one of Australia's “TOP 100 Coolest Companies” and in 2018 as a finalist for the Small Business Awards in Children’s Services.

"Our focus is on a total holistic approach including better staffing, more flexibility for families, better financial returns for schools and more engaging activities for children." Steve Baldock - National Partnerships Manager

For a confidential discussion in removing the headaches associated with your school’s OSHC program contact Steve Baldock on 0438 390 300 or


Since 1993, Word Of Mouth Technology have been working with schools providing communication solutions both inside and outside, creating more inclusive, engaging classrooms and with the FrontRow range of products.

FrontRow Conductor IP based school bells and communication system will bring your school into the 21st century. Schools such as St. Anthony’s – Lara, St Mary Magdalen’s – Chadstone, St Francis de Sales – Oak Park and St Therese – Essendon are now able to page a single classroom directly, a building or carry out a full school announcement, play music for bells, program all bell schedules and change them automatically or with the click & drag of a mouse. FrontRow: How a Campus Communicates - gofrontrow

FrontRow Juno in the classroom reduces teacher vocal fatigue, provides clear speech and AV audio and creates a more engaging and calmer learning environment. Overcoming Barriers to Classroom Learning - gofrontrow

NEW FrontRow Lyrik is small in size but makes big sound. Lyrik is a lightweight, portable sound system powered by a lithium-ion battery. Including a lanyard mic, pass around and multiple connections for all your AV requirements. The FrontRow Lyrik can be used for assembly, PE and sports carnivals and is something that every school needs. Lyrik | FrontRow Versatile Portable Classroom Audio System - FrontRow

We look forward to seeing you at the 2022 VACPSP Conference.